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Synapse: We shoot nerf guns at work

I began work at Synapse Product Development for a 5 week summer internship, and the first week was a blast. I'm going to learn so much about what it means to be an engineer that build products for clients to be manufactured - which includes many more specifications and constraints than building a project for class. I have two goals, jump in, and do excellent work.

The company is known for working with many recognizable consumer product companies, and for a really fun loving atmosphere. On my first day they made me feel really welcome, and by Tuesday I had my first office wide nerf gun fight randomly in the middle of the day. On Wednesday, our first company wide lunch (35 people) they made me stand on a podium for hot seat in which anybody could ask me any question about myself and my life. To finish it up I had to tell a joke (pressure's on!)

Already finished my first project the yellow wall with the signs, which are logos for the different meeting rooms. When they're open they light up green, when in use they are red and blue if about to be used. I'm looking forward to diving into some client work and learning more about manufacturing strategies and device architecture. Totally nerding out.

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