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An Energetic Gift

Creative Fields




Course or Client

Unique gift for Thayer School's 2015 Visionary in Technology Speaker

Alex Slocum

Completion Date

Fall 2015




SolidWorks Design

CNC Routing

CNC Milling

Laser etching                

Challenge: Design and build a unique gift for Professor Alex Slocum, Thayer's 2015 Visionary in Technology speaker.

| Pre-fabricated precision stirling engine operates at 80rpm from a 10 degree C temperature difference

| CNC milled aluminum top captures heat from steam and transfers to the bottom of the stirling engine.  The both quickly transfers the heat as well as acts like a heat sink to provide energy after drink has cooled.

| Acrylic curved stem was cut on a bandsaw and edges were sanded to give the stand a modern minimalist look.

| Special Thayer School of Engineering mug adds flair and brand appeal.

| The based was routed on a ShopBot from a New England maple block.  The name plate was laser etched and mounted with brass nails.

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