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An Adjustable Sling Medical Device

Creative Fields




Course or Client

ENGS 89/90 Capstone Design Project

American Medical Systems


Completion Date

September 2014 -

March 2015




Problem & need identification     Client communication

Creative problem solving             Requirement Testing

Design for medicine

SolidWorks Design                   

Challenge: How might we develop better products to restore urinary incontinence for post-prostatectomy males?

Final Concept SolidWorks Design

Final Concept SolidWorks Design

Interior ratchet mechanism

Interior ratchet mechanism

Nylon 101, Force 0.43 lbs

Nylon 101, Force 0.43 lbs

Soft tissue simulation test

Soft tissue simulation test

The Solution: An adjustable sling that allows surgeons to easily implant and then fine tune adjustment post-surgery without re-incision to provide optimal urethral tensioning for maximum continence.

Patent Application Filed June 2015

Implants, Tools, and Methods for Treament of Pelvic Conditions

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Executive Summary
Design Process

     Our team closely followed the IDEO design methodology throughout this project, pushing our selves to find innovative insights beyond the current state of the art by becoming experts in urethral pathophsiology and interviewing physicans and experts in the field worldwide.  Our client, American Medical Systems, is the leading manufacturer of sling and artificial sphincter devices in the US, but have competitors in European markets.  Our team was asked to find an innovative solution to the challenge of post-prostatectomy incontinence and develop initial, patentable prototypes.  Our team took on the risk that we might not be able to identify a truly unique solution. 

  1. To draw germane insights and specifications from physician research

  2. To thoroughly investigate the solution space and develop a comprehensive set of alternative concepts

  3. To refine these concepts based on the most important specifications, technical feasibility, and IP-defensibility

  4. To present a feasible product concept developed through rigorous engineering analysis, testing and design

| Conducted indepth interviews and pathophysiological research

| Generated 65 initial concepts 

| Distilled three key solutions

AUS is an artificial urinary sphincter

| Selected adjustable sling design concept, sketches & prototypes

| Iterated prototypes and conducted SolidWorks analysis



  1. Product Concept Paper | Three concepts, final prototype, CAD models, testing, literature review and recommendations

  2. Final Patent Disclosure | Adjustable ratchet sling embodiements for patent filing

  3. Additional Deliverables​ |

  • Written | Initial FMEA Analysis

  • Written | 6 Pathophysiological problems post-prostatectomy

  • Written | Key insights from 8 physician interviews

  • Written | Solution space brainstorm 35 concepts

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