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Franconia Ridge

We [Gurkaran Singh and I] woke up early in the morning on Saturday and decided it was a day for adventuring. Franconia Ridge is well known for being one of the most beautiful hikes in the White Mountains, but in my entire time at Dartmouth I had never been! And it was one of the last big things on my bucket list before saying adieu to my college on the hill.

After a delicious breakfast at the Lebanon Diner we started navigating to the Whites, on a beautiful blue sky day with the windows down and the sun roof open. In the first picture behind us is the Agony Ridgeline leading up to Franconia Ridge, and the peak pictured is Lafayette one of New England's 4000 footers. We also summitted on Lincoln, another 4000 footer and Haystack. The ascent was steep, but with a rest at a mountain hut we were ready to summit the ridge. Since we started around noon we were hiking along the ridgeline later in the afternoon after most of the people had finished, and thus had the stunning views peacefully to ourselves and the expanse of blue sky stretching all around. On the route down we passed a beautiful series of waterfalls [photos to come] as dusk approached and were out right before nightfall.

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