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Precision Machine Design 2.70

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Machine Design

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2.70 Precision Machine Design

Taught by Prof Alex Slocum

Completion Date

Spring 2017


Error Budgeting                    

Linkage design

Power transmission


Challenge: Apply precision machine design process to create a table that transforms.

2.77 | Precision Machine Design Course at MIT

Documentation and Course Assignments | Link to course website | Professor Alex Slocum

What this course is about: Examines design, selection, and combination of machine elements to produce a robust precision machine or system. Introduces process, philosophy and physics based principles of design to improve and enable renewable power generation, energy efficiency, and manufacturing productivity. Topics include linkages, power transmission, screws and gears, actuators, structures, selection of materials, joints, bearings, error apportionment, and error budgeting. Considers each topic with respect to its physics of operation, mechanics (strength, deformation, thermal effects) and accuracy, repeatability, and resolution.

Final Report

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As a weekly exercise, I used these assignments to learn and practice using fundamental physics to analyze both futuristic and commonplace machines.

SnuG 6: Multi-Material Molding

PUPS | Portable Uploadable Problem Sets


Check out my homework exercises with calculations, creativity, and cool ideas.



PUPS 11: Final Documentation
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