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Celebrating GoodBye

The 16s graduated! It's been more than a year now since I celebrated my own graduation! This year has been full of goodness and struggle, and good people, and much learning.

Here are a few snapshots of people I appreciate :) There are many more moments that weren't captured by camera.

From top left to right:

Sophie Sheeline D'16, a creative engineer and artist, though I've been her TA and friend, I really respect and look up to her as a designer and really thoughtful friend.

A crew of 16s, many of them international who I've known through various avenues like Thayer, and soccer on the green :)

Aayush Sharma, a fellow engineer and mischief maker in the machine shop. I got to be his stand in family for photo taking during graduation.

Sara Gabriele, always inspiring, always pushing, finding her center and not satisfied with living life part way.

Chris D'Angelo D'16 a longtime member of the Apologia and Aquinas House. His family co-opted me for a family photo shoot and took this one in return.

Juhi Kalra D'16 fellow resident of Thayer, always with a spunky spirit and love of design and engineering, she's also got some sweet dance moves and a can do attitude.

Saaid Arshad and Hemayatt Chowdhurry. Saaid and I have the best conversations about world politics, religion, faith and belief, and his future career as a famous actor. I also had the chance to work with him on an engineering project this year building a wearable strap that can image the heart through resistance of the skin tissue! Hemayatt is one of my oldest friends at Dartmouth, because we in fact met during my 1st year of UWC - originally from Bangladesh, Hem attend UWCAd (Adriatic located in Duino Italy in the north in a castle on the Adriatic coastline)

Gurkaran Singh :) How do I start a description? A man of character, constand curiosity and a desire to understand and impact the world around him he's not afraid of being independent, but has a way of empathizing and deeply connecting with people.

Finally, Gurkaran, myself, Malika Khurana and Matt Rossi.

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