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Presentation Day

8am - 5:30pm presentations. presentations. more presentations.

There are so many creative, cool ideas being developed in intro to engineering classes at Thayer! I'm also really excited to help a professor develop a class for the spring about manufacturing methods and materials. This term I've sat on the review board for ENGS 21 Introduction to Engineering. Three times throughout the term each of the 13 student groups have presented to the review board and we give them feedback and grades. This was the final presentation day and I'm so proud to see how much they have grown in their work. There was an ultra light mountaineering backpack that has an integrated bivy sack, a hook for your bag on a table, an alert wristband for deaf parents to tell them when their child is crying, and a bag to warm the pads for an AED used in cold conditions among many others.

Photo shows the ENGS 15 team: Rachel, Jessie, Sara and Connor (left to right)

The photo on the screen is our first brainstorm about the course in my living room at the Up Top as they start their presentation.

I'm also thinking a lot recently about the Syrian refugees and how hard it will be for them to rebuild their lives and homes. Also the recent bombing in Paris, and Daesh (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq and how the US will handle these uprisings and acts of terror.

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