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Sara Across the Pond

Sunday was a lovely day! I started it by making breakfast at the Up Top with a D'19 named Sonia (she's currently a freshman) and we got to know each other better and hang out. Then I went and had breakfast with three other friends from Thayer at Lou's Diner the local breakfast hangout. We had gotten gift cards from our professor and so all went together. I had an apple cider belgian waffle! so yummy, and fun to hang out with good friends -- Malika Khurana, Jill Horing and Sophie Sheeline, all great engineers and designers. Then church and seeing so many great people, and Don's sermon so Gospel centered as always. Then I went running around Occom Pond and ate an avocado, and then went with Gregg Fairbrothers up to Catalina's cabin to help her with some chores and then we all went for a romp in the woods. I got home and worked and ate and then got to skype Sara Holston! who is abroad in London for the term on the English FSP and as you might notice in the corner of the photo it lasted 3.5 hours. We had a lot of catching up to do. I'm so thankful for her friendship, and that I get to be her mentor, and that she is mine. She will be back living in the Up Top in the winter. Then finished the day with a visit from an engineering team I'm mentoring who came to practice their final presentation.

I'm working on spending more time with God chatting and trusting in Him daily for my security.

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