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Apologia Launch Party

The newest edition has been published! Thanks to the very hard work of many including our current editor in chief Jake Casale D'17 and managing editor Josh Tseng-Tham D'17 and all the great writers. We gather together after each edition has been published to celebrate! This particular party we read the first letter to the editor written almost 10 years ago now by Andrew Schuman D'10, and the newest letter by Jake Casale. This most recent letter is insightful and thought provoking and if you want a copy drop me a note and we can sent one to you!

Shown in the photo from left to right: Hilary, India D'19, Sonia D'19, Stephanie Lee D'18, (above) Peter D'19, Amanda Wang D'18, Lawrence Shelven D'17, Jake Casale D'17, Andrew Schuffer D'18, Jojo Boateng D'16, and Ethan D'19. Many others couldn't make it and felt lots of fomo :P

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