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PUPS 9 | Complete Machine Design Detail

To see all the calculations and work below as well as the problem and description head to my Transforming Table page.


Small apartments need furniture to be multifunctional and flexible. Who has space for a coffee table and dinner table and work table? What if the same table can transform between the three?

From the previous PUPS you should be able to select a “best” design for which you will now do the design details. The first step is to create the detailed design for a (the primary or Most Critical Module) linear motion axis of your machine.

1. Based on results of testing (and closing the design loop) the MCM, evolve the design for structure, bearings, actuator… for the rest of the machine. (2 pts)


2. Update error budget and FRDPARRC table and if needed iterate on the design. (1 pt)


3. Complete the solid model of the machine with enough detail to enable you to build your entire machine: (3 pts)

     a. Safety review

           i. Would you operate your machine? Your most loved one?

     b. ‘Manufacturing review

            i. Can you build and test the machine in the time you have left.


4. Check the error budget one last time. (1 pt)


5. Make part toleranced part drawings, thinking carefully how everything will fit together. (2 pts)

6. Bill of Materials so you can acquire everything needed. (1 pt)

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