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Fundamental principles are the building blocks, or legos, of all great design. As I deepen my own understanding I'm designating this space to documenting what I've learned.

List of fundamentals compiled by Professor Alex Slocum in Chapter 3 of his book FUNdaMENTALS of Design

  • Occom's Razor

  • Newton's Laws

  • Conservation of Energy

  • Saint-Venant's Principle

  • Golden Rectangle

  • Abbe's Principle

  • Maxwell & Reciprocity

  • Self-Principles

  • Stability

  • Symmetry

  • Parallel Axis Theorem

  • Accuracy, Repeatability, Resolution

  • Sensitive Directions & Reference Features

  • Structural Loops

  • Preload

  • Centers of Action

  • Exact Constrain Design

  • Elastically Averaged Design

  • Stick Figures

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