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Homemade Pizza, Climbing and Halloween

It's been a really fun weekend! Friday evening after attending a lecture by Alex Slocum I got to hang out with a bunch of fellow Thayer students, and then met with two friends and decided to play a board game in One Wheelock the coffee shop on campus. Spontaneous game playing! Saturday morning I studied for the GRE, and then in the afternoon went adventuring with my good friend Patrick Saylor, a fellow UWCer from UWC-USA. First we stopped by Dartmouth's Organic Farm to make homemade pizza. The second photo is the greenhouse where we picked our tomatoes and kale for toppings, second is our pizza assembled with homemade dough, tomatoes, kale, mozz and ricotta cheeses. The 4th photo is our pizza in an outdoor brick oven behind the barn! After pizza Patrick and I went up to a climbing area called Winslow, which is where climbing trips go. Lots of fun playing around on routes with the beautiful oranges and yellows of the fall foliage all around! When we got back we grabbed dinner at FOCO with a bunch other UWCers pictured 5th. Counterclockwise: Hilary, Patrick 16, Charlotte 19, Max 19, and Sahil 19. The final photo is from the Halloween party at the Forge, the Christian off campus house. I'm standing with Redal 17, and my costume was Papa Eb's WWII orange flight suit as a future humanoid on Mars.

Time to start the week off strong! All the Glory be to God. This week I want to focus on training my heart to seek Him in all that I do.

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