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SolidWorks Professional Certificate


Work Experience


June-Aug 2014

Insight Product Development LLC

Engineering and Design Intern

Chicago, IL


  • Developed electromechanical architecture for a next gen bench top laboratory diagnostic device, applied top-down CAD modeling techniques

  • Contributed to design of four early stage medical device prototypes in the lab

  • Conducted DFMA analysis for injection molded parts and developed product confidence testing based on client specifications



Aug 2013- present

Eleazar Wheelock Society

Student Director and Board Member

Hanover, NH


  • Managed $110,000 annual budget, and hired administrator for operations

  • Directed core initiatives, alumni relations, and talent development

  • Organized the 2014 Wheelock Conference, delivered opening address

  • Coordinated 11 panels, with over 30 panelists, and 400 faculty, alumni and student attendees

  • Developed 25 Waterman Institute classes, engaged 15 professors, and reached 180 individuals regarding core principles of faith, reason, and vocation



Feb-May 2014

Dartmouth Institute for Security Technology and Society

Product and Interaction Designer, Amulet Project

Hanover, NH


  • Designed UI/UX for mHealth device as a hub for body-area sensor networks

  • Prototyped wearable wristband using 3D printing and injection molding

  • Integrated custom hardware with wristband for NSF presentation and was competitively selected for computational jewelry art installation at Dartmouth


Sept 2012-June 2013

Dartmouth Biomedical Engineering Center

Research Assistant

Hanover, NH


  • Conducted materials research on the oxidation pathway of polyethylene



Summers 2011 & 2012

Red Dog Camp

Commercial Salmon Fisher

Bristol Bay, AK


  • Worked as a set-net crew-hand during 16 hour work days

  • Designed & completed mechanical projects on land: renovated old bunkhouse, wind-turbine water pump and grey water filtration system








Hanover, NH


Bachelor of Arts: Engineering Sciences & Global Health Certificate, June 2015

Coursework: Development Economics, International Development, Contemporary Architecture, History of Modern Healthcare Human Biology

Honors: Dickey Great Issues Scholar and Mentor, Kramer Prize Recipient




Hanover, NH


Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Concentration, June 2015

Coursework: Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Systems, Statistics, Digital Electronics, Product Design, Energy Utilization, Engineering Design Methodology, Machine Engineering




Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


International Baccalaureate Diploma, June 2011

Facilitator at the Pearson Seminar for Youth Leadership, 2010, Victoria, B.C.,








  • Applications:  SolidWorks Professional, Pro-E, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite

  • Production: Injection molding, mill, lathe, 3D printing, laser cutting

  • Programming: C, C++, Matlab, Processing, Arduino, Assembly

  • Languages: conversational Spanish, basic Serbo-Croatian



Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake

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Beach Huts

Beach Huts

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Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

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Palm Trees

Palm Trees

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City Cycle

City Cycle

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